Rebate Escalation Senior Advisor

The key responsibilities of an escalation analyst is comprised of:

  • Identifying, analyzing, and initiating the escalation process in an organization based on the escalation criteria specified by the organization
  • Linking the escalation task with incident problem records, identifying suitable service provider contacts, and finding the appropriate customer management services qualified for the task
  • Assembling the escalation management team which includes the incident owner, problem owner, and other team members in the specified area of expertise
  • Establishing accurate expectations from the escalating procedures, enforcing relief to the customers, and reviewing the situation appraisal formulated by the escalation team for ensuring the consumer satisfaction throughout the escalation process
  • Coordinating with the partners for developing an escalation management plan as per their requirements, adding additional resources for escalation process if required, and developing a detailed technical plan accordingly
  • Initiating hierarchical escalation process as per the incident management process, including senior authorities and asking for their support, if the need arises
  • Updating and maintaining escalation process records at each stage, updating the same in management data, and reviewing and adjusting the escalation process accordingly
  • Informing the partner about the escalation performance metrics, reviewing the root cause of escalation for improving the escalation procedures, and maintaining compliance with the corporate and regional escalation policies
  • Assuring the team's availability if the problem arises during the monitoring period, closing the escalation process once the monitoring period is completed successfully, and ensuring customer satisfaction before closing the escalation

The main responsibility of an escalation manager is to bring order, structure, and focused management attention to the partner's problems in order to gain complete partner satisfaction. The need for creating an escalation process is triggered by the organization when the customer complains about the urgency of resolution or when the organization perceives the loss of consumer base due to emergency situation.

Required Skills and Expertise Knowledge

The educational qualification requirement is not the basic criteria for obtaining a post in escalation management, though one has to be a minimum graduate in any relevant field for applying for this post. Escalation management is based on task accomplishment in a critical situation, hence one has to show competitive skills for carrying out the task effectively within the scheduled time. Partner satisfaction is the key element of escalation management program, hence one has to carry out all the tasks assigned effectively. The key skill requirements for escalation management are mentioned below:

  • Problem solving ability
  • Meeting service level agreements
  • Exceeding Initial Response (IR)
Job Family: Finance Graduates
Job ID: R72939

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